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SUMITA Optical Glass - seit über einem halben Jahrhundert
setzen wir Maßstäbe in den Bereichen Optisches Glas,
Faseroptik und Funktionsglas.
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About Sumita

Optical glass – an integral part of people’s lives.

We never stop searching for technological advancements, for more efficient production methods and for inspiring ideas that make life better. This is exactly how we will continue to offer highest optical glass products. Products that fit even most extraordinary and unimaginable demands. Whether in lenses, prisms, optical fibers or any other field of technology that uses glass – you will find optical glass manufactured by SUMITA. Our products and solutions are found in varied applications such as digital cameras, binoculars, microscopes, mobile phones, intercoms, security cameras, fiber optic lighting and medical products, such as endoscopic cameras, fiber scopes and laser probes. As the fields of application for optical glass continue to grow, so do our efforts to meet highest and most diverse demands.