Precision Molding Glass Series -

lens products with a supreme finish

With many years of experience, a strong technological focus and an integrated production process SUMITA is in the perfect position to respond to customer requirements. And we do this with a holistic perspective – from optical design to finished products.

SUMITA joins both highly sophisticated and distinctive techniques to offer you lens products of extremely high precision. By combining our glass manufacturing techno-logy and our design know-how with dedicated manufacturing technology for the molding process we are able to produce a finished lens with a supreme finish. Due to this combination, our Precision Molding Glass Series is very hard to imitate and makes us quite unique in this field.

Precision Molding Glass Lens
Precision molding glass lenses are realized by dies that are manufactured using ultra-precision machining technologies. Our broad range of technology in this field enables us to handle a variety of different profiles including aspherical lenses.

Key benefits
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Handling of various volumes from small-lot production to mass production
  • Coverage of all manufacturing phases starting from optical design
Creating the big picture.together.

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