Precision Molding Equipment

  • Vacuum OSUbeshita (CPG-02) is an optimal glass molding machine for research and development and small-batch production.
  • The machine can mold a product not only in an inactive gas but also in a vacuum.
  • The effective area of the press unit is 80 mm in diameter. Due to the large effective area, a large-diameter product and multiple molding can be achieved.
Press Unit Diameter Diameter: 140 mm 
(Effective dia: 80 mm)
Heating Temperature 630ºC
Stroke 120 mm
Mold Pressure 10 kN
Pressing Speed Range 0.01–3 mm/sec
Positioning Accuracy 1 um
Ultimate Pressure 1×10–1 Pa
Power Source Single-phase
200 V, 5 kVA
Atmospheric Gas
Max: 200 L/min
Air Supply Pressure 0.7 Mpa
Cooling Water 20 L/min
Equipment Dimension
Main Unit W700×D540×H1800 mm
Control Unit W300×D500×H900 mm
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